Swarm Gold: Tips

* Destroy rocks for shields and weapons!

* Get some speed in a direction, then reverse direction as you let out a mine to "throw" it into a group of enemies!

* Conserve your shots for nice big groups of Clagnor.

* During bonus levels, use the mini map to seek out as many power ups as possible!

* Blow up all the rocks on level 21 for a surprise!

* In every level past level 5, each rock destroyed has a 5% chance of having the Star Clubber in it. However, each level can only have 1, so you can stop looking after you've found it.  You won't find another one on that level.

* The Star Clubber can destroy as many rocks as you want, but only so many enemies before it blows up! The green dots on the Star Clubber indicates how many enemies it can destroy before it gets destroyed itself.

* Use your mines wisely. Try and take out two or more rocks with each mine when you can.

* Dropping a mine on a mine power up will create an extra powerful explosion.

* When the enemies are chasing you, drop a mine and then slow down. The enemies will slow down as well, to stay within optimal firing range, and you can use this to keep them in the mine's blast radius. It's tricky, but rewarding.

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